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Infrared detectors

Infrared detectors

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  • 1 Infrared detection

    ONERA, and Sofradir- a company specialising in infra-red detectors for military applications- unveiled their new 360 ° view infra-red detector in Orlando (USA). Developed on the basis of the particularly compact cooled infra-red detection system- developed by ONERA and Sofradir (Scorpio), this detector constitutes a further innovation by including panoramic Fish Eye optics, which afford it a 360 ° view
  • 2 The lights of night

    Infrared light detectors allow all the objects that are not at the same temperature as their environment to be observed... But these detectors are more complex than visible spectrum cameras, since they themselves emit infrared radiation... Image obtained by a multi-quantum-well infrared detector... Infrared detectors resemble, as far as their principle is concerned, the video-cameras that we use for the visible spectrum
  • 3 Academy of Sciences

    Emmanuel Rosencher, Onera General Scientific Director and professor at the École Polytechnique, received the France Telecom 2010 Grand Prix from the Academy of Sciences on 25th January 2011. He has been recognized for all of his work on quantum opto-electronic components, leading to new infrared detector and wavelength tunable laser (optical parametric oscillators) systems
  • 4 The Smallest Cryogenic Infrared Camera in the World

    The infrared on-chip camera, developed at ONERA within the framework of a thesis by Florence de la Barrière, is a technology breakthrough compared to existing infrared systems: the entire optical system is integrated to the cryogenic infrared detector itself. The camera, which is extremely compact (total length 4 mm), equipped with a large field of view (equal to 120 °), is suitable for possible industrial manufacturing at the scale of the wafer
  • 5 Death of Emmanuel Rosencher, ONERA's Scientific Director

    His discovery of asymmetric quantum wells had paved the way for the realization of infrared detectors used today in many fields. He wrote and co- authored over 180 articles in the field of nonlinear semiconductor heterostructures, optics, laser physics and infrared detection
  • 6 The earth in all its glory, seen from the sky using the SIELETERS instrument

    Sofradir: infrared detector arrays. Thales Service :tools for image processing