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Injection systems

Injection systems

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  • 1 Onera Provides a Breakthrough in New Generation Aircraft Burner Operability

    It was a case of improving the operability of a TAPS (Twin Annular Pre Swirl) type chamber injection system developed by Snecma, designed to reduce cruising flight NOx emissions by 50 to 60 %. Research engineers at ONERA had a double challenge: on one hand, combustion stability and quality when idling and, on other hand, reigniting the engine at high altitude
  • 2 A New Tool for the Design of Combustion Chambers

    This assembly, composed of an ignition module and three injection systems, is equipped with wide optical access points. It also allows Onera to study in detail the mechanisms of flame propagation and so contribute to the completion and validation of the numerical tools of the Cedre code
  • 3 Heat flux measurement

    The model is set-up on a high speed injection system. The angle of attack and the side-slip angle are adjusted before the run
  • 4 More realistic virtual engines

    Simulation of the injection system will also require new models and more computing resources. Once the models are verified they are made available to other Onera teams, or industrial partners such as Snecma and Turbomeca