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Large number

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  • 1 The very large S1MA wind tunnel ... at the core of the scientific community

    A group of European scientists, who usually have neither the financial resources nor the opportunity to use large wind tunnels, were able to install a large number of sensors inside the S1MA wind tunnel during a single experiment, in order to study turbulence and improve the fundamental physical understanding of the phenomena in this area
  • 2 Progress announced for the qualification of solar panels

    In 2010, Onera conducted a test campaign, a worldwide first of its kind, subjecting a full-scale space solar panel to a large number of electrostatic discharges. The experiment, conducted in an IABG structure in Germany, showed the propagation of discharges to the entire solar panel
  • 3 Crash !

    These objects are used to mesh a complex struture into a large number of simple elements. Share
  • 4 GRAVES Space Surveillance System

    The receiving site, located nearly 400 kilometers away, houses a large number of omnidirectional antennas. Based on the elementary signals picked up by these antennas, a narrow-lobe beam is produced
  • 5 The events that led to its creation

    In September 1946, a large number of departments or institutions in charge of aeronautical research, scattered throughout France, were dissolved to be integrated to ONERA. Teams located in Paris, Neuilly, Chalais-Meudon, Palaiseau, Brétigny, Lille, Modane, Grenoble, Cannes, Toulouse and Alger-Maison-Blanche were concerned, in addition to various scientific detachments
  • 6 When Chimere rhymes with helicopter

    The space is represented by a large number of sub-domains, or grids, partially overlapping", the mesh" of which are more or less fine. It is a computational case, called unsteady, as the main rotor and the tail rotor of the helicopter" are rotating" during the numerical simulation