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Large scale

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  • 1 Understanding the Turbulence that Causes Jet Noise

    Velocity measurements using high-repetition-rate stereoscopic PIV make it possible to observe the large scale dynamics of jet turbulence in a wind tunne, opening the way to progress in the understanding of jet noise generation... With the stereoscopic installation it has been possible to measure the three components of the velocity in a plane transversal to the flow, thus allowing experimental access to the large scale dynamics of turbulence
  • 2 More Precision for Aircraft Engine Jets

    [for large scale simulation] Technique for solving turbulent flow equations, where the large scales of motion are solved explicitly, while small scales (smaller in size than the calculation mesh) are modeled by" an eddy viscosity" term. Share
  • 3 New tools for the future A350XWB

    Onera has participated in a large scale ground vibration testing program on an A340 600 and has validated new means and methods suitable for large aircraft... During the months of March and April 2011, in close collaboration with the German Aeroelasticity Institute of the DLR and Airbus, Onera participated in a large scale testing program with an A340 600 as a structural test bed
  • 4 Non conventional tests

    Low speed tests with non aeronautical related large scale models (train, sail boat, car, chair-lift, buildings). For no conventional test, please contact directly by e-mail wind tunnel division team (use contact button), we will study your project together
  • 5 Simulation of the noise of landing gear through CFD*

    The aeroacoustic simulations are thus based on flow calculations (CFD), most often based on the method of simulation of large scales or LES2 (Large Eddy Simulation), and its hybrid variants RANS3 / LES, such as ZDES4 (Zonal Detached Eddy Simulation) ... Technique for the solving of turbulent flow equations in which the large scales of movement are solved explicitly while the small scales (smaller that the calculation meshes) are modeled by" a vortical viscosity" term
  • 6 Testing of a the NICETRIP convertible aircraft project in ONERA?s large wind tunnel S1MA

    These tests, performed on a large scale model, are part of the European project NICETRIP, of which the purpose is to study the technological feasibility of a civilian convertible aircraft. Future projects should allow a flight demonstrator to be made in Europe
  • 7 TERRISCOPE, a platform for the development of airborne imagery to benefit society

    In addition to some isolated applications dedicated to environmental issues (for example, the identification of energy losses from buildings, the determination of surface water stock and the determination of renewable energy production potential), the focus will be particularly on services resulting from gathering data over extensive areas and/or areas with complex geometries (metropolitan dynamics, the functioning of large scale agricultural and forestry operations and natural resource management)
  • 8 Assisting Combustion with Plasma

    Up to now, the studies have concentrated on flames with a power of about one kilowatt and now the transition must be made to a larger scale, 100 kW, or even one megawatt, closer to the characteristics of aircraft engines. In addition, research carried out on a real combustion chamber should enable the researchers to analyze the products of combustion, in order to evaluate the effect of the plasma on the amount of pollutant emissions