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Laser sources

Laser sources

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  • 1 Myriam Raybaut is Awarded for her Work on Pollutant Detection Using Lasers

    It is in fact one of the specialties of the laboratory where Myriam Raybaut works- Laser Sources and Metrology. She develops customized tunable and compact laser sources for innovative applications. This is because, once they are" pumped" by adequate lasers, the OPO have very specific spectral properties: their wavelengths can be tuned with high resolution to values ranging, for example, between 1 5 and 4 m. In addition, these sources have a high potential for miniaturization, paving the way for robust and compact gas analysis systems
  • 2 CNES and ONERA sign new framework agreement

    The maximum range of the instrument, reached during a windy episode on a clear day, is 16km, which is a world record for a fibre laser source... This new generation fibre laser source designed and developed at ONERA allows the Licorne platform to measure the wind speed in real time at a rate of 10 Hz and a spatial resolution of 150 m. Rapid airspeed fluctuations are detected
  • 3 Qualification of a new long-range wind lidar

    This lidar consists of a new high power fibre laser source developed by ONERA and integrated into the scanning Windcube ® of the company Leosphere (see photo). ONERA's laser source is integrated into Leosphere's Windcube ®
  • 4 50 years of laser research at Onera

    New laser sources... New laser sources have to be found and developed for all this research... "We have also developed laser sources based on fiber optics: by cleverly doping these fibers, we can guide the light within the fiber very effectively explains Emmanual Rosencher
  • 5 Power Record for a Fiber Laser Designed for Greenhouse Gas Emission Monitoring from Space

    A team from ONERA made a laser source based on optical fibers in the laboratory, which generates a 1 7 kW peak at 1580nm suitable for measuring CO2. This is a record for this wavelength that is not very favorable for fibered technology. Challenge: the monitoring of global warming from space
  • 6 DGV, Doppler Global Velocimetry or the photography of velocity by laser

    For this method to work, the frequency of the laser source has to be adjusted on an edge, falling or rising of an iodine absorption band. The Df (f 1- f 0) are then deduced from the difference between the scattered light and emitted light transmissions
  • 7 Alexandre Sauvage / Leosphere

    Thus, the work in the theoretical and applied optics department (DOTA) of Onera on more powerful laser sources will be transferred to Leosphere via another SME, Keopsys, which sells it laser sources on partnership terms. "We are trying to build up a network of partners around Leosphere, which will be much harder to compete against than one single company", according to Jean Pierre Cariou
  • 8 Combining lasers for powerful lidars

    They could also be placed onboard a satellite where a powerful laser source is necessary to monitor greenhouse gases from space. Ultimately, the coherent combination of lasers could pave the way for applications other than lidar, such as surgery, to cut with unprecedented accuracy
  • 9 Flow field survey and visualization

    Small tracer particles inside the flow are illuminated twice by very short pulses of a laser light sheet defining the measurement plane... This method is used to determine the different sources of drag associated with an aircraft (viscous drag, shock drag, and induced drag) by velocity and angle measurements performed in its wake