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Laser velocimetry

Laser velocimetry

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  • 1 DGV, Doppler Global Velocimetry or the photography of velocity by laser

    Doppler Global Velocimetry is used to measure the velocity of flow at each point of a plane, illuminated by laser... Today, this method- DGV- is in competition with another velocimetry method which does not use the coherence properties of laser light
  • 2 A laser to measure noise

    Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV)... The emission part of the 3D laser velocimetry measuring device of the F2 wind tunnel at the Fauga Mauzac ONERA centre... Assembly of a reference acoustic source and microphones in the ONERA Fauga Mauzac F2 wind tunnel set up to validate the method of acoustic pressure measurement by 3D laser velocimetry