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Leading edge

Leading edge

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  • 1 Leading Edge Research Tracks Down NOx in Aeronautics

    03/06/2013. ONERA obtains the means to predict the production of emissions in future aeronautical combustion chambers .. European directives issued by the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe[ Acare] set the bar very high in terms of reducing polluting emissions in engine output:
  • 2 elsA simulates a complete aircraft in high-lift configuration

    Configuration details: permeable nacelles as well as leading edge slats, flaps and locked-on spoilers. The overall meshing comprising 37 million points, based on the Chimera* strategy, is the result of assembly with an overlay of various elementary meshings (Cassiopée pre- processing functionality related to elsA)
  • 3 Buffeting in the air

    These images represent the vortices caused in the aircraft's wake and the current lines initiated on the wing's leading edge... Vortices caused in the aircraft's wake and current lines started on the leading edge
  • 4 2 M€ from the French Civil Aviation Authority DGAC for ONERA's research on icing

    Numerical simulation of the formation of ice on the leading edge of a swept wing installed in a wind tunnel. The calculation requires the combined modeling of the air flow, the trajectories of water drops (represented by the white spheres) and the ice accretion on the surface