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Low frequency

Low frequency

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  • 1 1963 à 1983 - The expansion

    In the early 70s, ONERA launched into" the low frequency radar" business following work on the characterization of reentry plasmas. ONERA quickly stood out thanks to the originality of its concepts and their experimental validation
  • 2 Groupe Thales

    That said, there are also fields in which Onera has knowledge that Thales lacks, in particular that of low frequency radars... Onera's expertise remains essential for our development, just as it was for low frequency radars... The frequency of the signals used is lower than that of traditional radars
  • 3 A radar to evaluate biomass

    Under the wings of the Falcon 20 are two pods with a carriage capacity of up to 250kg each which house the three high and low frequency radars, indispensable for airborne remote sensing operations, and which constitute the Sethi multi mode system. "This facility, operational since 2008 and certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency, is unique in Europe, "confirms Olivier Ruault du Plessis, Manager of the Radar Imagery and Experimentation Unit of Onera
  • 4 ONERA unveils RAMSES-NG

    At lower frequencies, they offer significant canopy or underground penetration capacity. In some environments, their detection capabilities are very significant: low-frequency radar thus makes it possible to penetrate at least five meters under sand and four kilometers under ice
  • 5 Buffeting in the air

    To limit this phenomenon and correct the problems of buffeting related to the angle of attack, flaps are placed on the trailing edges of wings: they create a divergence at the lower surface, increasing the rear load, which pushes back the boundary of the buffeting domain- forbidden flight conditions domain