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Magnetic field

Magnetic field

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  • 1 The Activities of ONERA in regard to Lightning Protection

    Magnetic field mapping in the launcher area in the event of impact on one of the towers and representation of the meshing used for the simulation of electromagnetic fields and currents following a lightning strike. Share
  • 2 Maxwell would have loved it

    He demonstrated that electric and magnetic fields are propagated in space in the form of waves... Have you ever seen a magnetic field?... No, they are invisible, which can only be detected by the effects that they have on objects, for example a magnet in a magnetic field. However, Onera researchers have successfully developed a system to visualize electromagnetic fields (combining an electric field and a magnetic field)
  • 3 Plasma lens

    An almost uniform magnetic field, generated by two Helmholtz coils, structures the plasma and gives it a cylindrical geometry, which is effectively the plasma lens. The density of electrons is at a maximum in the axis of the cylinder and cancels out at the wall of the chamber