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Measurement technique

Measurement technique

  • 1 Model Attitude Measurement

    Measurement technique. Different equipments are used in models to measure the model attitude (angle of attack) in the wind tunnel .. Gravity sensitive devices. Encoders (specific) .. Available hardware at Onera. Onera self made inclinometers. Range ± 20 °. Accuracy + /- 0 01 °. Dimensions: 40* 40*
  • 2 CEPRA19

    A 2-axis remotely controlled table is dedicated to adjustement of the airframe positionning relative to the nozzle model during opaerating (controlled with Model Deformation Measurement technique
  • 3 The droplet and the engine

    This is why the teams at the CNRS and Onera, who have excellent complementary skills in the various techniques of measurement and visualization, have been mobilized to" snap" both the liquid and gas phases... "This first step gave us the opportunity to find our bearings, refine our measurement techniques, suitable for evaporation, test them and compare the first results with the simulation" explained the researcher
  • 4 The Activities of ONERA in regard to Lightning Protection

    These tests were also an opportunity to test a new capacitive discharge generator made by ONERA, as well as an innovative remote current measurement technique based on the use of local digitisers installed in close proximity to the measuring sensors, the data being transmitted by optical fibre. At the time of the Soyuz launch, the ONERA team will be present on the launch pad of the Vega small launcher, whose first commercial launch is planned for 2012
  • 5 Nicetrip test campaign in S1MA wind tunnel

    The ONERA measurement techniques have been fully utilized. The tests were supportive of CFD computations
  • 6 A laser to measure noise

    A new laser measurement technique makes it possible to locate and characterize the noise at a distance... This is why ONERA is developing a new slightly intrusive" acoustic pressure" measurement technique, based on the use of lasers