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Military aircraft

Military aircraft

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  • 1 Military Aircraft

    ONERA Wind Tunnel Division test facilities offer large capabilities for testing military aircraft full models or complex dedicated testing services (air intake, captive trajectory, store effects, nozzle....) using adequate hardware throughout the flight envelope
  • 2 ONERA reveals its 70 years of history

    Between the two wars, military aircraft were transformed into transport aircraft, for passengers and mail... He launched the study of many military aircraft prototypes and developed supercharged engines and air weapons
  • 3 1984 to 1996 - New orientations

    Improving the internal aerodynamics of compressors and turbines, controlling combustion phenomena at full load or at low speeds, the construction of materials with good mechanical resistance at high temperatures, and developing methods for calculating the life duration of materials are useful for both commercial and military aircraft
  • 4 The events that led to its creation

    Air Military Engineers General, Champsaur, Poincaré (then director of the GRA) Suffrin-Hébert and Bonte must also be mentioned, as well as Mr Benoît, administrator of the GRA, Professor Teissier (director of the CNRS) and Mr Rebuffet (director of the Large Wind Tunnel in Chalais-Meudon, SRA)... The five national aircraft manufacturing companies(,,,,)created a subsidiary, SNERA (Société Nationale d'Ètudes et de Recherches Aéronautiques, national society for aeronautical studies and research), of which René Jugeau was the director from October 1st 1945 to November 30 th, 1946. A legal framework that enabled the creation of ONERA, whose birth was officially recorded on May 3rd 1946, by a law passed unanimously by the Constituent National Assembly
  • 5 ONERA welcomes you at the Paris Air Show

    With the theme" ONERA thinks up and tests future breakthroughs", the French aerospace research centre will highlight its technological innovations and its ability to design complex systems for aircraft of the future, both civilian and military. On this occasion, ONERA is presenting three strategic, economic and environmental topics
  • 6 DMAS - Materials And Structures

    These topics can be of an experimental, theoretical or computational nature, and concern all end purposes of the aeronautical and space sector (aircraft, helicopters, turbo machines, missiles, launchers, satellites) as well as military systems and some applications outside the aerospace sector. The department therefore takes an interest in