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Military systems

Military systems

  • 1 DMAS - Materials And Structures

    These topics can be of an experimental, theoretical or computational nature, and concern all end purposes of the aeronautical and space sector (aircraft, helicopters, turbo machines, missiles, launchers, satellites) as well as military systems and some applications outside the aerospace sector. The department therefore takes an interest in
  • 2 Military Aircraft

    ONERA Wind Tunnel Division test facilities offer large capabilities for testing military aircraft full models or complex dedicated testing services (air intake, captive trajectory, store effects, nozzle....) using adequate hardware throughout the flight envelope... -2 systems available (1 in, 1 in
  • 3 Sofradir and Onera Sign New Partnership Agreement

    IR detectors are advanced technology components at the center of multiple military, space, commercial and scientific applications: thermal imagers, missile seekers, surveillance systems, targeting systems or observation satellites. Their performance and price are critical to the competitiveness of optronics systems