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Noise pollution

Noise pollution

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  • 1 Quiet, you old crates!

    Calculation has demonstrated that it's the best compromise for minimizing noise pollution... It is mainly the thickness noise (due to the thickness of the blade) and the load noise (due to the lift of the propeller) which generate the noise pollution... For those who hear the new 5 blade" Anibal" propeller, the noise pollution will be less (-8 decibels!
  • 2 The earth in all its glory, seen from the sky using the SIELETERS instrument

    Sieleters, designed to have a high signal / noise ratio, is cooled with liquid nitrogen (-190 ° C). The assembly is mounted on two gyrostabilized platforms paired so as to compensate for the attitude variations of the aircraft... This spectral cube will be used in very diverse areas: bathymetry, de-camouflaging, pollution, agriculture, urban planning, etc