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Numerical simulation

Numerical simulation

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  • 1 Numerical Simulation of Thrust Reverse

    Cedre ® is Onera software for the multi-physics simulation of energetics and propulsion
  • 2 New tools for numerical simulations

    Acoustic propagation calculations, by solving Euler* equations, have been successfully chained with an LES* simulation of a hot jet at Mach 0 7... CFD consists in the study of the movements of a fluid, or their effects, by the numerical solving of the equations that govern the behavior of the fluid (the complete equations are Navier-Stokes equations)
  • 3 Blades follow each other and... get disturbed

    Numerical simulation carried out in a grid of 31 million points using the elsA software package... The specialists compared the numerical results with the experimental databases HART (1994) and HART II (2001), which were designed to define the aero-acoustic characterization of the rotor in order to validate numerical simulations
  • 4 Trailing Vortices of a Transport Aircraft

    Numerical simulation of transport aircraft wake vortices... Numerical simulation makes it possible to understand their mechanisms, test their sensitivity to atmospheric conditions, assess specific measures for reducing their impact, etc
  • 5 A380 in onera's F1 Windtunnel

    10/03/2005. April 27 2005. The A380 Super jumbo makes first flight .. December 19 2000 :the production stage began for the Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger plane, which will also have the lowest per-passenger and per-kilometer operating costs for high load capacity aircrafts
  • 6 A Leap Forward in Radar Signature Computational Time

    Numerical simulation of surface currents on a Mirage III subjected to a 4GHz EM wave. Calculation for 5 million antennas in 4 5 hours on a Xeon uniprocessor
  • 7 Take-Off at the Martel Test Bench

    Numerical simulation of the shock wave on take-off of Ariane 5. ASTRIUM-ST illustration
  • 8 ONERA-M6 Wing, Star of CFD

    How can a good numerical simulation be made?... In numerical simulation, validation consists in showing that a software application, and thus the models that it uses, give results consistent with experiments
  • 9 Buffeting in the air

    One of the aims of this program is to create numerical simulation methods (RANS and DES) for predicting buffeting. The RANS (Reynolds Average Navier Stokes) methods are numerical simulation methods that give results averaged over time; with a very restricted spectrum of excitation frequencies... The Ananas project is continuing with a new approach, by a DES numerical simulation, from which the images on this page have been extracted
  • 10 2 M€ from the French Civil Aviation Authority DGAC for ONERA's research on icing

    Numerical simulation of the formation of ice on the leading edge of a swept wing installed in a wind tunnel. The calculation requires the combined modeling of the air flow, the trajectories of water drops (represented by the white spheres) and the ice accretion on the surface