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  • 1 Graphene, carbon nanotubes, microstructure research ... Spotlight on an eminent French scientist, Annick Loiseau

    Part of this research is carried out in conjunction with various Onera departments, and is funded by Onera. Share
  • 2 Another World Premiere at ONERA: Photon Sorting

    The first demonstrations of this principle were performed in ONERA's Onda laboratory (opto-electronic nanomaterials and related devices), from joint work with the Dota (ONERA's Department of Theoretical and Applied Optics) and the CNRS / LPN (Laboratory of Photonics and Nanostructures). The research was supported with funding from the ANR and ONERA: the Carnot Antares and the Intrepid project
  • 3 Heat flux measurement

    Other cameras can be borrowed from other ONERA Departments. Studies surfaces must be in insulate material
  • 4 Quiet, you old crates!

    Four Onera departments are involved in the programme so aerodynamic, acoustic and structural aspects can all be covered and both ground and flight tests carried out". The French Gliding Federation (FFVV) has loaned a towing airplane for the tests
  • 5 New CEO of DSO National Laboratories, Mr. CHEONG Chee Hoo, welcomed at ONERA on 12 and 13 January 2017

    Then, he discovered the CNRS Center for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology (LPN) and its ONERA- joint lab- MINaO. He also visited several ONERA's scientific departments, where he was presented with research activities such as high angular resolution domain, the laser laboratory, or the science mission center of the Microscope experiment
  • 6 Nightglow - The light of the night

    Onera / Department of Theoretical and Applied Optics. This work has been done by teams from" the Calibration, Instrument Building and Optical Measuring" unit and" the Optical Instrument Design" unit of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Optics at Onera, in collaboration with the Utinam Institute of the Observatory of Besançon and the DGA / Aeronautical Techniques
  • 7 Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 at Fauga-Mauzac Testing Facilities

    These firings were carried out at the ONERA DMAE department propulsion laboratory, as part of the developments for CNES- who manage the Ariane programmes, and Safran-SME (formerly SNPE) -which is responsible for solid propulsion. Share
  • 8 Our nanotubes are right on track

    A team from ONERA's Optics Department (DOTA), under the responsibility of Ryad Haidar, is developing sensors which have the advantage of functioning at room temperature. High-resolution electronic microscope image of a sheet of graphene 7
  • 9 Which role Research & Technology must play to ensure France's continued stance as a major aerospace power ?

    It's a proven fact that the quality of the tests and experiments carried out in these facilities, coupled with the skills in related areas (physics, computation codes, metrology, etc.) offered by ONERA's scientific departments, makes us stand out. However, some industrial tests are performed elsewhere, under the pressure of achieving short-term savings
  • 10 Stall, by elsA

    [computation by François Richez, Michel Costes, Robert Gaveriaux, "Helicopters, Propellers, Turbomachine" unit of the Applied Aerodynamics Department. But in 2010 the Onera aerodynamicists performed a simulation of stall with the elsA software using the computation resources of the GENCI (National High Performance Computing Facility)