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Onera expertise

Onera expertise

  • 1 ONERA's expertise at the core of ESO's future European Extremely Large Telescope E-ELT

    The construction of the E-ELT, a revolutionary 40m class telescope was launched by the European Southern Observatory in December 2014. ONERA is at the core of the achievement of the first adaptive optics instruments for the telescope and its advanced instrumentation... For 10 years, using its own funding, ONERA has contributed to major developments in terms of components and designs
  • 2 A380 in onera's F1 Windtunnel

    Onera's expertise on the A380 program has included the following fields. Numerical Aerodynamics
  • 3 An important step to test the equivalence principle on an atomic scale

    In addition to the benefits for fundamental physics, this success reinforces ONERA's expertise in embeddable atomic gravimetry because it uses the same technology based on cold atoms and sturdy lasers. Notes
  • 4 First satellite adaptive flight with the Picard Mission

    In the aviation world, adaptive control became a fleeting success in the 1970s to quickly give way, due to unfortunate experiments, to the robust control techniques that we still know today and due to which Onera's expertise is widely recognized. However, in the near future we can expect a successful combination of adaptive techniques and robust control techniques