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Onera project

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  • 1 Testing of a the NICETRIP convertible aircraft project in ONERA?s large wind tunnel S1MA

    Tests on a convertible aircraft model, that is to say, the aerodynamic configuration of an aircraft where the rotors can tilt, have just been completed in ONERA? s large wind tunnel S1MA in Modane. These tests, performed on a large scale model, are part of the European project NICETRIP, of which the purpose is to study the technological feasibility of a civilian convertible aircraft
  • 2 Buffeting in the air

    The Cat3D model was created for an Onera's project, whose subject was the active control of flows... This study will be integrated into Onera's" Bufet" N" Co" project planned for 2007, whose objective is, this time, controlling buffeting and not simply predicting it