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Onera researchers

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  • 1 At ONERA, a CNRS researcher involved with the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2011

    Since 1985 the laboratories of the Materials Division of ONERA have been interested in quasicrystals, which proved to be present in aluminium and lithium based alloys, made by the manufacturer Péchiney... A very successful collaboration between ONERA and Denis Gratias ensued, developed on various quasi-crystalline materials
  • 2 ONERA and NASA co-publish a book on materials

    The book, co- edited by ONERA, NASA and Georgia Tech, contains four articles by ONERA researchers; this is the strongest representation... The articles written by ONERA researchers address issues such as fatigue, titanium aluminides, additive manufacturing, and thermal protection
  • 3 Maxwell would have loved it

    However, Onera researchers have successfully developed a system to visualize electromagnetic fields (combining an electric field and a magnetic field)... This article is dedicated to the memory of Patrick Lévesque, Onera researcher, who passed away recently
  • 4 Reversed Time

    To perfect electromagnetic compatibility tests, Onera researchers have adapted a technique developed over the last few years in acoustics, time reversal... Today, researchers at Onera are using it to improve their testing systems in the electromagnetics field