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Onera scientists

Onera scientists

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  • 1 Extreme Materials for Hyperswift Missiles

    ONERA scientists thus developed an original technological solution based on low cost raw materials. This innovation is based on a process that consists in impregnating a carbon fiber with a ceramic matrix obtained from organometallic precursors (chemical compounds involving carbon and metal)
  • 2 The prowess of the GOCE mission thanks to ONERA accelerometers

    Using the gradiometer, which is the instrument at the core of the ESA GOCE mission (2009- 2012) that includes six accelerometer chains developed and implemented by ONERA, scientists have obtained gravity variation maps of unparalleled precision. The results were presented at the end of 2014 to UNESCO on the occasion of the 5th International GOCE User Workshop
  • 3 ONERA's team ranked 2nd among 323 at the NASA "Sky for All" challenge

    The submission of three ONERA scientists (Thomas Dubot, Antoine Joulia & Judicaël Bedouet), "Managing the 2035 air traffic through clustered self-separation out of 4D protection bubbles", was awarded with the of the Sky for All challenge, which increases ONERA's visibility in terms of ATM prospective
  • 4 A radar to evaluate biomass

    Once the radar data acquired by Sethi* has been processed, the Onera scientists will compare the biomass data obtained by the airborne method with what they already have in order to evaluate the precision of the system of remote sensing of forest biomass, planned for the Biomass project. "With Sethi, Tropisar will provide a test cartography of the biomass of tropical forests, "says Pascale Dubois Fernandez, Tropisar Project Director