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Optical systems

Optical systems

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  • 1 DOTA - Optics and Associated Techniques

    DOTA's scope encompasses the entire optical chain, from source up to signal processing issuing from optical systems, with a view to manufacturing products... Modelling: models in the forward direction of scenes and targets, optical system performance models, measurement inversion and processing tools, databases required for implementing modelling
  • 2 The second youth of optics

    Their objective is to miniaturize optical systems... Among the applications of these miniature optical systems, we can mention spectral filtering systems intended to let through certain wavelengths and block others
  • 3 The Smallest Cryogenic Infrared Camera in the World

    The infrared on-chip camera, developed at ONERA within the framework of a thesis by Florence de la Barrière, is a technology breakthrough compared to existing infrared systems: the entire optical system is integrated to the cryogenic infrared detector itself. The camera, which is extremely compact (total length 4 mm), equipped with a large field of view (equal to 120 °), is suitable for possible industrial manufacturing at the scale of the wafer
  • 4 DGV, Doppler Global Velocimetry or the photography of velocity by laser

    To measure the 3 components of velocity by this method the same laser sheet has to be observed by 3 optical systems, from different directions, to vary the vector R, or three coplanar laser sheets have to be successively generated (to vary the vector E) and observed by a single optical system. The setup of the DGV system in the F2 wind tunnel of the Onera center at Le Fauga Mauzac during an Onera / DLR measurement campaign