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  • 1 A First for a Cold Atom Accelerometer

    Onera is taking part in ICE, a project to verify the principle of equivalence on the microscopic scale, using measurements with a cooled atom accelerometer... Onera is specifically in charge of the laser part of the project which, in particular, has the objective of cooling the atoms to a temperature of a few micro-Kelvins, revealing their wave properties which are the key to the ultra-accurate measurements sought
  • 2 Testing of a the NICETRIP convertible aircraft project in ONERA?s large wind tunnel S1MA

    These tests, performed on a large scale model, are part of the European project NICETRIP, of which the purpose is to study the technological feasibility of a civilian convertible aircraft. Future projects should allow a flight demonstrator to be made in Europe
  • 3 Nicetrip test campaign in S1MA wind tunnel

    These tests were accomplished on a large-scale model as part of the European project NICETRIP, to study the technological feasibility of a civil tilt-rotor aircraft. Future projects should accomplish flight demonstrators in Europe