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Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

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  • 1 LIMA, a platform to make a success of new generation airborne imaging

    In order to facilitate access to these technologies and master their complexity, Onera will provide operating tools to its partners and customers, such as databases, processing and computer operating channels, as well as the necessary support (training, research partnership, etc.). The organization of" the idea to completed result" airborne campaigns, the in-flight performance evaluation and the experimental characterization of the processing and results are part of the service provided by LIMA
  • 2 ONERA and the company RTaW strengthen their cooperation

    The evaluation of the network reaction time requires the implementation of mathematical theories in which ONERA is a world expert... ONERA has a lengthy experience in the heterogeneous, distributed and real-time simulation of aeronautical networks (CAN, AFDX), as well as in formal methods for modeling and characterizing their performance
  • 3 The lights of night

    Of course, their performance is also not as good, even if they are in progressing rapidly... These high performances have a cost: the need to cool... Those based on mercury, cadmium and tellurium (HgCdTe), which appeared in the sixties, work at all wavelengths up to 12 micrometers and offer the best performance, yielding 70 to 90 %. In other words, 70 to 90 % of the photons incident on the detector cause an electron to be emitted and are detected