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  • 1 Maxwell would have loved it

    "The Emir technique is unique in the world, and the principle is very clever, "says Emmanuel Rosencher, Scientific Director of the Physics Branch at Onera. "For the first time, we can really visualize the electromagnetic field, which usually seems so mysterious
  • 2 To What Extent are Twin Photons Really Twins'

    This work is based in particular on, the defended at Onera at beginning of 2011 (prize for the best thesis of the Physics branch of Onera in 2010. The same Onera team, lead by Antoine Godard, had published in 2009 in the equally prestigious journal Nature Physics on a related subject.[ See our press release (in French
  • 3 Death of Emmanuel Rosencher: one year already

    The Physics branch still bears the mark of the man who was its director from 2003 to 2010. Those who knew him have described him to me as a free spirit, open and with an insatiable curiosity
  • 4 Death of Emmanuel Rosencher, ONERA's Scientific Director

    In 2003, he became Director of the Physics branch where he had a scientific point of view on four departments and more than 350 people. In October 2010, he was appointed Scientific Director of ONERA (DSG)
  • 5 50 years of laser research at Onera

    "Until now the lasers we have been using, powerful enough for these measurements, emitted impulses every 10 milliseconds, explains Emmanuel Rosencher, scientific director of the Physics branch at Onera. But, turbulence phenomena, that remain one of the great mysteries of fundamental physics, occur over periods of time that are shorter than a millisecond
  • 6 "Two in One" Calculations

    "The fluid and mechanical structure calculations are already complex, and the same language isn't used in these fields, nor the same meshing (dividing space into small volumes, or elements) and it would thus be very complicated to create a new calculation code integrating both branches of physics"