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Pressure measurements

Pressure measurements

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  • 1 Model Pressure Measurement

    Model Pressure Measurement. Model Pressure Measurement. Pressure measurement is one of the fundamental measurements in fluid dynamics experiments... Surface pressure measurement... Pressure sensitive paint (PSP) is a relatively new tool that has the unique capability of providing a field measurement over the entire surface of a model
  • 2 ONERA, a world-class leader in the measurement of pressures in a solid rocket motor

    At the time of the first firing of the POD-Y demonstrator for the future Ariane 6 and Vega C launchers, ONERA was able to gather unsteady pressure data with a precision of a few mbar... This POD-Y demonstrator, designed to study pressure oscillations inside the P120C solid rocket motor of the future Ariane 6 was fired at the DGA-EM site of Saint Jean d' Illac (Gironde)
  • 3 S4A

    Pressure measurement by individual transducers or PSI ® electro-pressure scanner: rate can reach 1 472 mean values every 10 seconds (the average value is calculated from a sample of 127 results per channel). Temperature measurement by thermocouples infrared thermography, on thermo sensitive paints