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Radar techniques

Radar techniques

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  • 1 The town in 3D, with radar

    The polarimetric SAR technique means radar images can be obtained for several different emission and reception polarizations... Radar technique that uses antenna displacement to obtain an angular resolution far superior to that of a static antenna... The growing interest in radar techniques that produce three dimensional earth data for forest and urban areas was consolidated at" a PolInSAR" workshop organized by the Esa in Frascati, Italy, at the end of January 2011. Devoted to the science of polarimetry and to polarimetric interferometry and its applications, PolInSAR has brought together more than 200 researchers from 24 countries, all keen to know more about the latest advances in the field
  • 2 A radar to evaluate biomass

    A radar technique that uses the displacement of the antenna to obtain an angular resolution much greater than that of a static antenna. The angular resolution of an antenna is inversely proportional to its size, which is necessarily reduced on board an aircraft