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Rafale aircraft

Rafale aircraft

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  • 1 Digital Metallurgy

    The optimization of the superalloy used for the disk of the Rafale aircraft's Snecma M88 engine involves microstructure modeling (visible in the background... DMSM metallurgists and mechanics specialists are currently working on the optimization of a latest generation superalloy, which will replace the one that is currently being used for the turbine disk of the Snecma M88 engine on Dassault Aviation's Rafale aircraft
  • 2 Maxwell would have loved it

    Visualization by EMIR of electric field" leaks" from points of the canopy of the cockpit of a Rafale aircraft. For moment, Emir is used in Onera research laboratories mostly to make sure that there are no leaks when the magnetic field is to remain confined, or to make sure that it doesn't penetrate into places where it shouldn't, for example in the hold of a aircraft or a kerosene tank
  • 3 ONERA and NASA co-publish a book on materials

    The engine shown is the Rafale M88 (© Safran Aircraft Engines) for which ONERA is developing the most efficient materials. Share