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Research engineer at Onera

Research engineer at Onera

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  • 1 Nightglow - The light of the night

    Interview for this article with Pierre Simoneau, optics research engineer at Onera, conducted by Sylvain Gaultier (web). Share
  • 2 Another World Premiere at ONERA: Photon Sorting

    After creating the smallest cryogenic infrared camera in the world in late 2011, research engineers at ONERA reveal another world first: the sorting of photons by their wavelength, at a micrometric scale. This system revolutionizes the usual trade-offs between sensitivity and full color inherent to standard filtering, since this sorting technique allows all of the incident photons to be retrieved and used, while filtering" loses" photons
  • 3 Onera Provides a Breakthrough in New Generation Aircraft Burner Operability

    It was a case of improving the operability of a TAPS (Twin Annular Pre Swirl) type chamber injection system developed by Snecma, designed to reduce cruising flight NOx emissions by 50 to 60 %. Research engineers at ONERA had a double challenge: on one hand, combustion stability and quality when idling and, on other hand, reigniting the engine at high altitude
  • 4 Drones in the playground with their big brothers

    "The rules of the air defined for general aerial circulation assume the presence of a pilot on board who is responsible for the safe execution of the flight" points out Christel Seguin, research engineer at Onera in Toulouse. Drones move in specific airspace known as" segregated"
  • 5 A laser to measure noise

    "By pointing the laser towards the zone that we want to study, we obtain information on the specific speed, that is to say, the speed of the vibrating air molecules, explains Frank Simon, research engineer at the ONERA in Toulouse. However, knowing the acoustic pressure isn't enough, we must combine these measurements with a model of the wave propagation in the air flow, that is to say, an aero-acoustic propagation model
  • 6 Onera spin-off into the world optronics market

    When he was an optics research engineer at Onera, Didier Rabaud had the opportunity to take part in the NAOS project for the Very Large Telescope in Chile. After this success, he decided to create his own SME, a service provider for companies in the field of new optronics technologies
  • 7 Maxwell would have loved it

    "We tested several types of films, because we wanted it to be conducting, but not, too much says François Issac, research engineer at Onera Toulouse. "A non- conducting film does not get hot, because it doesn't interact at all with the electromagnetic field
  • 8 Wind Turbines, Computers in the Fields

    "We are trying to understand the aerodynamics of the blades (air flows around airfoil) and their aeroelasticity (the way in which the structure is deformed by the combined action of the wind and the rotation of the blades), says Marc Rapin, research engineer at Onera. Because this deformation modifies also their aerodynamics." Onera is already interested in this subject, from its work on helicopters