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  • 1 Certification - Onera, certified ISO 9001

    Onera joins the very select club of public research organizations having earned ISO 9001 certification for all of its activities. (71 59 KB
  • 2 Graphene, carbon nanotubes, microstructure research ... Spotlight on an eminent French scientist, Annick Loiseau

    The group comprises a broad range of members, including university labs, CNRS research units, major research organizations such as Onera and CEA (French atomic energy commission) and industry. Her role is to foster research collaboration between the different players, and to organize the distribution of results
  • 3 1984 to 1996 - New orientations

    Since its creation, ONERA has not ceased to develop cooperation with aeronautical and aerospace research organizations from Europe, the United States, Canada, and- as from the 90s- from China, Japan and Russia. Notably in this period, the AEREA (which later became the REIA) was created in 1994- an association of European research establishments in aeronautics, consisting at beginning of the European counterparts ONERA (France), the DLR (Germany), CIRA (Italy), the NLR (Netherlands), and INTA (Spain)
  • 4 Drones: en route for autonomy

    But a number of research organizations, including Onera, are trying to make them more autonomous, in order to increase their operational effectiveness. We asked Claude Barrouil, head of Onera's Information Processing and Systems branch, to shed some light on drone autonomy
  • 5 Which role Research & Technology must play to ensure France's continued stance as a major aerospace power ?

    Thirdly, it is a highly paradoxical situation for ONERA to have only this single guaranteed source of funds, from defense, when both national (National Research Agency funding, for instance) and European rules mandate that an organization such as ONERA self finance part of the civil research relevant to these agencies