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Research project

  • 1 ONERA becomes NASA's "icing" partner and first international aerospace partner

    This study is related to ONERA's SUNSET 2 research project. ONERA and NASA together in the F1 wind tunnel in Fauga-Mauzac, to understand, deal with and remove icing
  • 2 Infra-Red Cameras for Anti-Collision

    As part of the Onera research project to demonstrate the feasibility and acceptability of an innovative and safe concept for the insertion of drones in air traffic, a measurement campaign has been conducted at the aerodromes at Romarin (Saint Rémy de Provence) and Caume (Parc Naturel Régional des Alpilles), using Onera band II and III infra-red cameras
  • 3 1984 to 1996 - New orientations

    All scientific areas of ONERA have been involved since the 1980s in many research projects on stealth for aircraft, missiles, ships and land vehicles... Therefore, many research projects were conducted on the external aerodynamics of aircraft with the progress in the key
  • 4 Blades follow each other and... get disturbed

    In the framework of SHANEL, a joint Franco-German research project financed for Onera by the DPAC[ Aeronautic Civil Programs Agency,] specialists in aerodynamics at Onera used the in-house" software package elsA to calculate the blade-vortex interactions on a rotor[ rotor Bo 105] during descent flight
  • 5 A Higher Degree of Industrial Realism for Aerodynamic Simulation

    ONERA's expertise in this area was recognized at beginning of 2012, at the conclusion of the Aitec research project, which was dedicated to the non- stationary analysis of turbomachinery in aerodynamics and acoustics. At that time, the industrialists, the DGA and the DGAC applauded the technological effect prediction quality of ONERA's aerodynamic simulation software elsA
  • 6 Eole demonstrator : automated, reusable launch aircraft used for nanosatellite launches

    The development of Eole is a joint effort by Onera, the Launcher Directorate of CNES, and Aviation Design within the scope of Perseus- a space research project that associates students and researchers from universities and aeronautical engineering schools. Onera is the project prime contractor and lead developer
  • 7 ONERA's expertise at the core of ESO's future European Extremely Large Telescope E-ELT

    the synergy between multiple fundamental research projects and European projects of the 7th Framework Programme. instrumental implementation of the SPHERE2- SAXO3 system, with unrivalled performance for the VLT in Chile
  • 8 Eole demonstrator starts flight tests Automated, reusable launch aircraft co-developed by CNES, Onera and Aviation Design

    Eole is also being developed within the scope of Perseus, a CNES led European space research project that associates students and researchers from universities and aeronautical engineering schools with the two main developers, Onera and Aviation Design.
  • 9 The ice hunt starts here

    A better understanding of the formation of ice on aircraft, helping the aircraft builders to prove that their aircraft can cope, and eliminating the most dangerous ice: these are the objectives of Sunset, a joint research project between Onera and Nasa. Number 45