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Scientific challenge

Scientific challenge

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  • 1 Matmeca is winner of the Equipex call for projects

    Its main scientific theme is concerns the great scientific challenges and the industrial stakes relating to the development, characterization, modeling and simulation of the behavior of materials and structures. The Equipex call for projects
  • 2 A radar to evaluate biomass

    "Biomass represents a real scientific challenge, "says Malcom Davidson of the ESA. "This would be the first satellite able to generate a complete cartography of the forests of the planet every 35 days and the first remote sensing satellite to operate on such a large wavelength, with deployment of an antenna of 15 to 27 meters when in orbit
  • 3 ONERA and ANDHEO are rewarded for a radically innovating aerothermal simulation

    This problem was a veritable challenge, since it was necessary to establish original methods, both accurate and efficient, for the coupling of heat transfer modes between fluid and solid media. The challenge faced by the ONERA-ANDHEO collaboration was to overcome all numerical problems and to develop a workable strategy as soon as possible in the design offices