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Shock wave

Shock wave

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  • 1 Hypersonic Shock Wave in Martian Atmosphere

    Visualization of the shock wave in front of the capsule model
  • 2 Take-Off at the Martel Test Bench

    To reproduce the shock wave of a launcher on take off, the University of Poitier's Martel* test bench is being adapted for the generation of acoustic transient phenomena... An Ariane 5 take-off creates an extremely powerful shock wave... When the Ariane 5 launcher's two massive solid fuel thrusters fire up, the sudden release of combustion gases creates an extremely powerful shock wave
  • 3 Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 at Fauga-Mauzac Testing Facilities

    A first firing was carried out in January 2011, at ONERA Fauga Mauzac centre, using the 1/35 scale model of an Ariane 5 P230 booster specifically developed to display the phenomenon of shock waves during lift off. This successful campaign will continue with acoustic measurement tests on a simplified 1/35 scale model of the ELA-3 launch pad
  • 4 Flow field survey and visualization

    In the wind tunnel, Mach waves and shock waves could be visualized around the model... This technique is a useful method to understand shock wave arrangements around some complex model
  • 5 1946 to 1962: aeronautical research that is rapidly gaining momentum

    Research on aerodynamics was related to wing calculation, to swept wings and stabilizers for supersonic flight and to the interaction between shock waves and boundary layers on the wings in transonic flight. Applied research provided manufacturers with a veritable catalogue of results on aircraft components: fuselage shapes, wing profiles, air intakes, side control devices, etc