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Signal processing

Signal processing

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  • 1 SONDRA celebrates its 10th anniversary in Singapore

    Sondra carries out research and technology activities on radar observation, combining physics and signal processing. SONDRA was officially launched on 28 April 2004, after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of the joint research labo
  • 2 DEMR - Electromagnetism and Radar

    It brings together various disciplines ranging from physics to system studies, through fine-scale description of the environment, the propagation and study of radar clutter, numerical calculation, antennas, electromagnetic compatibility, stealth, signal processing, electronics, real-time computing and experimentation
  • 3 Acoustic Measurement

    Digital signal processing methods have been developed (or are under development) in order to remove the noise reverberations, when making measurements in solid walled test sections. Acoustic beam stick for performing acoustic measurements in the near field, shown here integrated with an Open Fan test setup used in S1MA