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  • 1 A Higher Degree of Industrial Realism for Aerodynamic Simulation

    Industrialists and government agencies have praised the technological effect prediction quality of ONERA's aerodynamic simulation software elsA. The latest developments around the multigrid method Chimère have been due to the complexity and details in regard to turbomachinery... At that time, the industrialists, the DGA and the DGAC applauded the technological effect prediction quality of ONERA's aerodynamic simulation software elsA
  • 2 Special prize from ESA for Sébastien Deck

    The ZDES method, included in Onera's aerodynamic simulation software" elsA' and soon to be included in" the Cèdre" energetic software, is also useful to other applications such as civilian aircraft (buffeting prediction), helicopters, issues of stealth for jets and drones, and it could also be useful in other fields such as automobiles and hydrodynamics
  • 3 Academic Award for CEDRE, a Great Software Application for Combustion and Propulsion

    The French Air and Space Academy has given an award for Cedre, ONERA's reference simulation software for energy and propulsion, used both in research and in the aerospace industry... This medal was awarded in recognition of the success of the Cedre code, ONERA's reference simulation software for energy and propulsion
  • 4 Simulation of the noise of landing gear through CFD*

    Moreover, Onera successfully carried out a simulation by ZDES with the elsA simulation software, based on a structured5 multi-block mesh of approximately 34 million points. This unsteady calculation was extended by a calculation of the noise radiation using an integral method (Kim code)
  • 5 ONERA-M6 Wing, Star of CFD

    In numerical simulation, validation consists in showing that a software application, and thus the models that it uses, give results consistent with experiments... In flow simulation, it is therefore a case of testing the software's ability to correctly describe the physics of the flow... Many databases for validating simulation software, in particular in aerodynamics, have been created and shared among NATO members, under the aegis of the AGARD
  • 6 ONERA and ANDHEO are rewarded for a radically innovating aerothermal simulation

    French Centre for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computing elsA: aerodynamic simulation software package co- developed mainly by ONERA, Airbus, and Safran. Quelques liens utiles
  • 7 When Chimere rhymes with helicopter

    It is only the 3D grids that are input into the simulation software, taking the form of the surface of the helicopter and its components (colored zones in the figure above). The 3D sub-domains in black are parallelepiped grids that are automatically generated and periodically recomputed
  • 8 Wind Turbines, Computers in the Fields

    They then performed aeroelasticity calculations (using the Rotor code) and aerodynamic calculations using the elsA simulation software. "This program was created for blades working at high speed