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Structural Dynamics

Structural Dynamics

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  • 1 Flash Vibration Test Campaigns for the A350 XWB

    The database transferred to Airbus will be useful for the recalibration of structural models of the new aircraft... According to the schedule drawn up together with Airbus, a series of tests focused on the dynamics of the nose gear was carried out on plane No. 3, two weeks after the first campaign
  • 2 DMAS - Materials And Structures

    The activities of the Materials and Structures Department, DMAS, deal with the microstructure of materials (from the atomic scale up to the macroscopic scale), the static and dynamic behaviour to rapid or vibratory dynamics of structures in their environment up to crash or impact, and also include the design, development and characterisation of materials and elements of metallic, ceramic or composite structures
  • 3 Aerospace Lab Journal 9 "Life Prediction Methodologies for Materials aand Structures"

    This issue of the Aerospace Lab Journal deals with research activities around the microstructure- constitutive behavior- structural lifetime links... dislocation dynamics and crystal plasticity
  • 4 TERRISCOPE, a platform for the development of airborne imagery to benefit society

    In addition to some isolated applications dedicated to environmental issues (for example, the identification of energy losses from buildings, the determination of surface water stock and the determination of renewable energy production potential), the focus will be particularly on services resulting from gathering data over extensive areas and/or areas with complex geometries (metropolitan dynamics, the functioning of large scale agricultural and forestry operations and natural resource management)