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System Design

System Design

  • 1 ONERA and the company RTaW strengthen their cooperation

    RTaW is an independent SME specializing in critical real-time system design and, more specifically, in verifying timing and dependability properties by means of formal approaches. Its employees hold several patents in this field and are the authors of dozens of publications
  • 2 S4A

    Portable data acquisition and processing system designed to support off-line model preparation. TEST SECTIONS
  • 3 The town in 3D, with radar

    New generation on-board radar imaging system designed at Onera for scientific campaigns. Developed and certified in 2007, it produces ground radar images, day and night, whatever the meteorological conditions
  • 4 Take-Off at the Martel Test Bench

    The shock wave generator system, designed by Onera with the support of the University of Poitiers ' Combustion and Detonation Laboratory, is made up of a first spherical chamber that is filled with a mixture of air and methane at less than 10 bars... This system is currently being installed on the Martel test bench in Poitiers, designed for aeroacoustic studies of the jets of launchers such as Ariane 5 and Vega
  • 5 A radar to evaluate biomass

    New generation on-board radar imagery system designed by Onera for scientific surveys. It was developed and certified in 2007 and produces radar images of the ground, during the day and at night, regardless of the weather conditions
  • 6 DEMR - Electromagnetism and Radar

    The DEMR (Electromagnetism and radar department) combines all ONERA's skills in electromagnetism and its applications for future radar and communication systems: ground or on-board radar, communications (space, aeronautical, terrestrial), radio navigation, electronic warfare (listening-in ELINT (electronic intelligence) or jamming)