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Systems Control and Flight Dynamics

Systems Control and Flight Dynamics

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  • 1 Drones become intelligent

    The Systems Control and Flight Dynamics (DCSD) Department's team at Onera also simulated the deck landing of a helicopter drone on a ship by organizing a meeting between the helicopter and a virtual moving point (not having a boat for testing the deck landing under realconditions).as facile de démontrer les capacités du drone autonome!
  • 2 Drones: en route for autonomy

    "Since we don't know the details of these upcoming regulations, we started with a scenario that we hoped would be as close as possible to the final texts, "notes Christel Seguin, research engineer at Onera's Systems Control and Flight Dynamics department. While there are three main aspects to this question- aircraft, pilot and aircraft / pilot / ATC interactions- the project team will focus on the drone itself and the innovative avionics systems required
  • 3 The droplet and the engine

    And what if we could reduce the consumption of aeronautic engines by controlling the evaporation of micro-droplets of kerosene?... Laser techniques are used to measure the dynamics of the whole process.[Photo Antoine Gonin... To help industry to design better injection systems, we have to go further in our understanding of the phenomena involved
  • 4 1963 à 1983 - The expansion

    ONERA, which was already a centre of reference in its field, would play a leading role in the dynamics of this period... Aeronautical missions; it became the French Aerospace Lab, Office National d'Études et de Recherches Aérospatiales in 1963. The Toulouse Centre for Studies and Research, Centre d'Études et de Recherche de Toulouse (CERT) became part of ONERA in 1968, endowing ONERA with new expertise in aerothermodynamics, mechanics and system energetics, automation, IT, optics, microwave technology and space technology