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Systems Control

Systems Control

  • 1 Drones become intelligent

    The Systems Control and Flight Dynamics (DCSD) Department's team at Onera also simulated the deck landing of a helicopter drone on a ship by organizing a meeting between the helicopter and a virtual moving point (not having a boat for testing the deck landing under realconditions).as facile de démontrer les capacités du drone autonome!
  • 2 Drones: en route for autonomy

    "Since we don't know the details of these upcoming regulations, we started with a scenario that we hoped would be as close as possible to the final texts, "notes Christel Seguin, research engineer at Onera's Systems Control and Flight Dynamics department... We aim to develop innovative systems that associate, from the outset, the sensor, image processing and drone control systems- an approach that draws its inspiration from nature
  • 3 Wing flutter control in S2MA wind-tunnel

    The numerical control laws tested using a real time system showed their effectiveness for different structural configurations. The S2MA wind tunnel duct with a half-aircraft model intended for wing aeroelasticity studies.
  • 4 Military Aircraft

    Stability and Control... -2 systems available (1 in, 1 in
  • 5 Free flight under tension

    Recent robotics techniques are used to control the system, namely" hybrid force-position control of parallel redundant kinematics. This mechanism is currently dimensioned for the low-velocity domain (0 35 m / s) and is installed in Onera's vertical wind tunnel in Lille
  • 6 S4B : TPS calibration

    dry and clean air (12 m mesh filtering, less than 5 mg of water per kg of dry air) with temperature controlled... Mass flow control and temperature control of the two jets. Separate control of the pressure upstream of the fan, of the model engine RPM and of the nozzle exit pressure... Steady pressures= 992 channels (by DTC PSI ®, system 8400)
  • 7 AerospaceLab Journal 7: Aeroacoustics

    Its featured technical fields therefore include aerodynamics, propulsion, materials, structures, physics, sensors, information processing, and systems engineering... Flow Control: the Renewal of Aerodynamics?
  • 8 Business Jet, Commercial and Regional Aircraft

    Stability and Control... Isolated component test: air intake test performances, APU, landing system
  • 9 Quest for the detection of habitable exoplanets

    ONERA contributed greatly by taking charge of the system analysis, participating in the definition of the interferometer and the delivery of the system for the real-time control of disturbances. Work carried out by Julien Lozi, currently working on a thesis co- financed by the CNES and ONERA
  • 10 F2

    The velocity can be continuously varied from 0 to 100 m / s by adjusting the motor speed, with fully automated control within + /- 0, 1m / s. The total temperature is controlled in ± 0 5 °C by a water cooler... A dedicated bench motorized along the three axes allows displacement of optical measurement systems for flow survey around the model