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Test bench

Test bench

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  • 1 Take-Off at the Martel Test Bench

    To reproduce the shock wave of a launcher on take off, the University of Poitier's Martel* test bench is being adapted for the generation of acoustic transient phenomena... "Therefore, we had the idea of creating a test bench for simulating the shock wave, which did not involve the combustion of solid fuel", the researcher recounts
  • 2 Balance Calibration Laboratory

    Modane Test Centre has a dedicated building for the balance calibration with two large calibration test benches, B1 and B3. B1 CALIBRATION BENCH
  • 3 Engineering and Capital Project Support

    Turbine test bench- design by Wind Tunnel Division teams. Share
  • 4 BD2 : Nozzle thrust measurement

    BD2- Test bench overview. TYPICAL TEST
  • 5 Model support

    Helicopter rotor test bench[ BERH. The helicopter rotor test bench[ BERH] in operation since 1988 in S1MA. The maximum power available is 550 kW. Two blade rotation directions are feasible
  • 6 A First: The Mapping of Aircraft Engine Exhaust Emissions

    Finally, another campaign is planned for 2014, with the deployment of the MERMOSE measurement chain using ONERA's M1 test bench in Palaiseau, which is a facility capable of reproducing the operating conditions of an engine at cruise... For more information about the M1 test bench see