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Test campaign

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  • 1 Flash Vibration Test Campaigns for the A350 XWB

    The vibration test campaign for the new A350XWB, plane n° 1, conducted under the responsibility of ONERA in cooperation with the German Aerospace Center DLR, was completed successfully in late April... According to the schedule drawn up together with Airbus, a series of tests focused on the dynamics of the nose gear was carried out on plane No. 3, two weeks after the first campaign
  • 2 Nicetrip test campaign in S1MA wind tunnel

    Tests on a tilt-rotor model, that is to say the aerodynamic configuration of an aircraft where the rotors can tilt in flight, have been completed in the large S1MA wind tunnel at Modane, France. These tests were accomplished on a large-scale model as part of the European project NICETRIP, to study the technological feasibility of a civil tilt-rotor aircraft
  • 3 A First: The Mapping of Aircraft Engine Exhaust Emissions

    In order to better understand the link between aeronautical fine-particle emissions and the formation of condensation trails in aircraft wakes, ONERA has implemented, together with Snecma, the MERMOSE test campaign to finely characterize gaseous chemical species and particulate matter emissions of a complete aircraft engine
  • 4 ONERA becomes NASA's "icing" partner and first international aerospace partner

    The programme envisages a parametric study, test campaigns at Glenn (IRT) and at ONERA (F1), and simulations. This study is related to ONERA's SUNSET 2 research project