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Upper atmosphere

Upper atmosphere

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  • 1 Nightglow - The light of the night

    Two clouds in contrast against a background sky, illuminated by the near infrared emission induced by OH molecules in the upper atmosphere... This nightglow is due to OH molecule radiation in the upper atmosphere (at an altitude of around 84 km)... This radiation interests upper atmosphere specialists to the extent that, once identified, it indicates an atmospheric layer that can change with atmospheric conditions: gravity waves, temperature variations, etc
  • 2 GOCE mission: Onera accelerometers measured the drag force up to the end

    Onera? s accelerometers also made it possible to learn more about the upper atmosphere, up to the end... This data, transmitted to the ground station, will allow a better knowledge of the air density distribution in the upper atmosphere, up to an altitude of 154 km, where the instrument was turned off due to saturated measurements