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Wake vortices

Wake vortices

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  • 1 The Aerodynamicist's Eye

    Visualization of the wake vortices of a transport aircraft model catapulted through a curtain of smoke illuminated by a laser plane
  • 2 Alexandre Sauvage / Leosphere

    Thanks to the measurements of wake vortices, the partnership with Onera demonstrated the existence of a major common interest... We were approached by Eurocontrol, the European air traffic control regulating body, who were interested in a specification study of its requirements in terms of aircraft wake vortices
  • 3 Qualification of a new long-range wind lidar

    This action took place within the context of the European project UFO (UltraFast wind sensOrs), coordinated by Thales Air System, whose objective is to promote the development of technological innovations that could reduce the danger of wake vortices and wind shear over airports... The campaign results will be used to analyse the complementarity of lidar measurements (ONERA-Leosphere) and radar measurements (Thales) under a variety of weather conditions and to validate the algorithms for measuring the EDR (Eddy Dissipation Rate), which is a key parameter to determine wake vortex life
  • 4 Combining lasers for powerful lidars

    Lidars are now widely used to monitor wind speed before installing wind farms, orto detect archaeological remains, or to detect wake vortices at airports... Wake vortices and their characterization over runways using lidar