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Wind speed

Wind speed

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  • 1 CNES and ONERA sign new framework agreement

    This new generation fibre laser source designed and developed at ONERA allows the Licorne platform to measure the wind speed in real time at a rate of 10 Hz and a spatial resolution of 150 m. Rapid airspeed fluctuations are detected... Wind speed measurements with the Licorne platform. The figures show the wind speed as a function of the distance
  • 2 Qualification of a new long-range wind lidar

    The campaign was aimed at validating the performance, over a 10 km radius, of a new wind speed and turbulence mapping lidar in an airport environment. This lidar consists of a new high power fibre laser source developed by ONERA and integrated into the scanning Windcube ® of the company Leosphere (see photo)
  • 3 Wind Turbines, Computers in the Fields

    Objective: to improve their performances in all wind speeds and also to build even more powerful wind turbines... However, the aerodynamics of wind turbines are very different from those of helicopters: wind turbines rotate at low speed, which means that they are more sensible to atmospheric turbulence