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Wind tunnel test

Wind tunnel test

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  • 1 Wind tunnel test of the EOLE airborne launcher

    This will be a test rig able to carry rocket models and to release them, mainly to understand the interactions between the two vehicles at the moment of releasing, but also to predict the flight behavior and qualities to supplement the wind tunnel tests and calculations
  • 2 Nicetrip test campaign in S1MA wind tunnel

    Tests on a tilt-rotor model, that is to say the aerodynamic configuration of an aircraft where the rotors can tilt in flight, have been completed in the large S1MA wind tunnel at Modane, France... The test in the wind tunnel was essential, due to the complicated architecture of the aircraft concept, with a tilt-wing as well as a tilt-rotor
  • 3 Wind Tunnel Model

    We use the expertise of wind tunnel test engineer (and other ONERA ' scientifical department if necessary) to produce the wind tunnel models which maximize wind tunnel productivity by minimizing model change times... Cryogenic material from cryogenic wind tunnel testing... Aerodynamic surfaces can be designed and built with high precision, compatible with quality requested by wind tunnel test
  • 4 Model Deformation Measurements

    The real-time model deformation measurement (MDM) and positioning is important information during wind tunnel tests. The model is equipped with adhesive markers, essentially on its wings