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Wind turbines

Wind turbines

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  • 1 Wind Turbines, Computers in the Fields

    Onera researchers are working on the behaviour of wind turbines. Objective: to improve their performances in all wind speeds and also to build even more powerful wind turbines... Visualization of the wake of a wind turbine by numerical simulation. Taller, heavier, more powerful: just like athletes, wind turbines break records year after year
  • 2 Non conventional tests

    . en. Who we are?. Non conventional tests. Non conventional tests. ONERA Wind Tunnel Division test facilities offer large capabilities for testing non conventional vehicles in the different speed wind conditions. Parachute. High speed train. Wind turbine. Low speed tests with non aeronautical
  • 3 Alexandre Sauvage / Leosphere

    Today, our chief market is wind turbines, but in the medium term, we are targeting the aeronautics market... Finally, the wind turbine sector has shown a lot of interest: before setting up a wind farm, you have to know the wind's profile, at several different altitudes... The ever increasing height of wind turbines, however, means that before long a mast of 160 meters (half the height of the Eiffel Tower) will be needed simply in order to place the anemometer on it
  • 4 Testing Capabilities

    Blade profile optimization for wind turbine. Remotely controlled bench for optical measurement systems with large displacements
  • 5 Engineering and Capital Project Support

    Turbine test bench- design by Wind Tunnel Division teams. Share