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  • 1 A380 in onera's F1 Windtunnel

    10/03/2005. April 27 2005. The A380 Super jumbo makes first flight .. December 19 2000 :the production stage began for the Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger plane, which will also have the lowest per-passenger and per-kilometer operating costs for high load capacity aircrafts
  • 2 Wing flutter control in S2MA wind-tunnel

    05/04/2011. A demonstration of active control of wing flutter by control surfaces was successfully confirmed in the ONERA S2Ma wind tunnel .. ONERA aeroelasticity specialists have confirmed the active control of wing flutter by control surfaces in a wind tunnel (end of 2010). With this control,
  • 3 Hypersonic Shock Wave in Martian Atmosphere

    This picture was taken in Onera's R5Ch blow down windtunnel at Meudon... In this experiment, the thermal fluxes at Mach 10 were measured in the windtunnel with an infrared camera
  • 4 Understanding the Turbulence that Causes Jet Noise

    For the first time, in the ONERA R4Ch wind-tunnel at Meudon, a series of PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) data acquisitions was carried out at a high rate (2500 images per second), in the R4 Wind Tunnel at Meudon. With the stereoscopic installation it has been possible to measure the three components of the velocity in a plane transversal to the flow, thus allowing experimental access to the large scale dynamics of turbulence
  • 5 Identity

    1st european wind-tunnels collection. 243 peer-reviewed journal articles
  • 6 Wind tunnel test of the EOLE airborne launcher

    The tests conducted in the L2 wind-tunnel at Onera Lille will make it possible to define all of the aerodynamic, static and dynamic characteristics of the demonstrator to establish the control laws and assess its performance. This project to build a flying demonstrator, for which manufacturing and final implementation are assigned to Aviation Design,][ will result in an experimental system which is expected to be operational mid 2013