Since mid-2015 ONERA has been mandated by the French State to coordinate AirCar, the Carnot Institutes aerospace branch, which gathers 8 such institutes (ARTS, CETIM, M.I.N.E.S, Ingénierie@Lyon, IFPEN Transports Energie, MICA, Leti, ESP). This multidisciplinary consortium today accounts for 9000 researchers.

The consortium's assets

  • A range of competences covering the technical and scientific needs of the aerospace industry: traditional disciplines (materials, onboard systems),
  • new topics (hybrid and electric components, UAVs and new onboard services).
  • A multidisciplinary approach to the industry's issues.
  • A fine geographical network of the industry's employment market areas.

The resources deployed

  • Collective action from the Institutes.
  • Presence of Project Manager posts in each territory.
  • Mobilisation - via dedicated funding - of the competences in the competitive clusters.
  • Pooled organisation of actions for SMEs and mid-market companies.
  • Promotion of technical aeronautical trades.
  • Financial support for studies addressing the specific needs of SMEs and mid-market companies.

ONERA: the consortium coordinator

For ONERA, coordinating AirCar offers the opportunity to develop partnerships with other institutes, plus the promise of more technologies brought to maturity and transferred to the SMEs and mid-market companies. It also implies a substantial in growth partnership and contractual activities between these companies and the AirCar Institutes.