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What's new

  • International Cooperation

    SONDRA celebrates its 10th anniversary in Singapore

    SONDRA is a Franco-singaporean research laboratory joining ONERA, SUPELEC and two research institutes of Singapour. Sondra carries out research and technology activities on radar observation, combining physics and signal processing

  • Total and ONERA sign major research contract for airborne remote sensing

    Total and ONERA today signed a large-scale research and innovation partnership agreement, spanning five years and budgeted at 30 million euros. This partnership aims to adapt or develop remote sensing technologies for use in oil and gas exploration, security and environmental protection applications.

  • Aviation and Environment

    A First: The Mapping of Aircraft Engine Exhaust Emissions

    In order to better understand the link between aeronautical fine-particle emissions and the formation of condensation trails in aircraft wakes, ONERA has implemented, together with Snecma, the MERMOSE test campaign to finely characterize gaseous chemical species and particulate matter emissions of a complete aircraft engine.

  • Hyperspectral Imaging

    The earth in all its glory, seen from the sky using the SIELETERS instrument

    Onera has designed and developed Sieleters, an instrument intended to be an airborne infrared hyperspectral imagery benchmark. The first images obtained with it, which are of excellent quality, will undoubtedly achieve this goal.

  • Physics

    An important step to test the equivalence principle on an atomic scale

    Onera, already recognized as an expert in the spatial macroscopic measurement of the equivalence principle (MICROSCOPE) has just made an important advancement in terms of atomic scale measurement to test this cornerstone of physics.