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  • Aerodynamics

    ONERA blew wind for World Solar Challenge 2015

    This weekend begins the most famous solar-powered car race : the World Solar Challenge 2015 in Australia. ONERA will closely follow “Punch One”, a prototype car of KU Leuwen student team (Belgium), which benefitted from aerodynamic testing in the wind tunnel L2 Lille.

  • Press Release

    Reusable launchers - CNES and ONERA working together

    Scientific partners since the start of the space en deavour in France and Europe, CNES and ONERA, the French aeronautics, space and defence research laboratory, have decided to join forces to work on a reusable launcher first stage and begin looking at key technical aspects such as recovery, return and maintenance.

  • Aerospace Science

    Aerospace Lab Journal 9 "Life Prediction Methodologies for Materials and Structures"

    Aerospace Lab is an electronic journal dedicated to scientific progress in aeronautics and space research.

  • Event

    ONERA welcomes you at the Paris Air Show

    As a major aerospace research and technology player in France, ONERA will be present at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget. From the 15th to the 21st of June 2015. Hall 2A (No. C271)


    Stéphane Andrieux, new Chief Science Officer

    Stéphane Andrieux has been appointed Chief Science Officer of ONERA. He succeeds Emmanuel Rosencher, who died in May 2013, and Pierre Touboul, who served as interim until his arrival.


Conférence sur les débris spatiaux (IPSA et "Ciel et Espace")




L'école d'ingénieurs aérospatiale IPSA et "Ciel et Espace" organisent une matinée sur les débris spatiaux. Avec l'ONERA.