Technology transfer

ONERA Gives Today’s Innovative Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (SME) Access to its Store of Knowledge and Test Facilities

Furthermore, the scientific discoveries made by ONERA that have translated into successful aerospace programs, can be applied to other sectors as well. A number of leading companies know this. They have what we call the “ONERA reflex”, meaning that whenever a new need arises, they first check to see if the solution is not already available in ONERA toolbox!

Our task now is to let SMEs know that we may have just the solution they need. We are taking a very proactive stance to spread the word, based on a carefully thought-out initiative.

Services Tailored for SMEs

  • Design studies
  • Technology developments
  • Technical analyses
  • Software licenses
  • Technology transfer
  • Testing

Flexible Partnerships

  • Payment when the service is performed
  • Support opportunities through aids to innovation and development
  • Development based on shared risks
  • Detached engineers-researchers
  • Support for technology 'seeding'