Research at ONERA

ONERA is tasked with developing and guiding research in the field of aerospace; with designing, producing and implementing the resources necessary for conducting this research; and with facilitating, in liaison with the services or bodies responsible for scientific and technical research, the dissemination of the results of this research nationally and internationally.

It is also expected to contribute, in its field of competence, to the policy of training on research and through research.

Recherche ONERA -TRL


  • 1069 research engineers and researchers in 7 departments and 4 common laboratories

  • Around 300 PhD students and research fellows from 50 graduate schools, including 30 through CIFRE (industrial convention on training through research)

  • Test platforms, investigation and characterization resources and demonstrators that are unique in Europe

  • Specific computational facilities: NEC supercomputer, 667 Tflops peak, 17360 cores, in the top 500


12 Défis scientifiques et techniques structurent le Plan Stratégique Scientifique de l’ONERA


Scientific and technical challenges structure the ONERA PSS (Strategic Scientific Plan)


ONERA research is steered by the General Scientific Directorate.

Think-tank, assessment and orientation body, a High Scientific Council serves as guarantor of the scientific excellence of ONERA.