The mission of the International Affairs Division is to coordinate the international activities of ONERA and to represent the Office in dealings with international and European governance bodies. ONERA is also represented in Brussels within CLORA.

ONERA actions on the international stage take several forms:

International cooperation

ONERA is engaged in a large number of international collaborations /through bilateral cooperation agreements, or participation in various European or international networks such as:

  • Research centre associations : EREA, ESRE,
  • Research centre network : EDRIN, IFAR,
  • Advisory council : ACARE,
  • Bilateral cooperation : DLR, NASA, JAXA,DSO, TsAGI…

Support for the State

In the fields of defence and aeronautics, ONERA supports sovereign Research & Technology (R&T) actions in the frameworks of NATO and GARTEUR.

European projects

In the framework of the European Union, ONERA contributes actively to the programmes and projects of the European Commission, the ESA and the EDA. The technical expertise and the solutions provided by ONERA within these collaborative projects contribute to actions in support of European industry and the promotion of the French aerospace sector on the European and international stage.

Researcher mobility

In order to develop scientific excellence and exchanges with its partners, ONERA encourages the temporary mobility of its researchers with other international aerospace research centres, and the temporary hosting of European and international researchers in its own laboratories.
A joint research fellowship program (PhD, postdocs) with possibilities for mobility has been established between ONERA and DLR (German Aerospace Center), covering the research in the field of  Artificial Intelligence for Aerospace (AI4A)

Scientific excellence

ONERA also encourages scientific excellence through the organization of international events and seminars, and the awarding of prizes in the framework of bilateral agreements: ODAS Prize in association with DLR (Germany) and ONERA-TsAGI Prize in association with TsAGI (Russia).

Joint laboratories

ONERA is active in many research alliances, in France and abroad. International joint laboratories are the culmination of a fruitful collaboration and reveal the confirmed commitment from the partnered nations. SONDRA, established in 2004 with the CentraleSupelec, the National university of Singapour and DSO national laboratories (ONERA counterpart in Singapore) is devoted to upstream research in remote sensing. The virtual lab “AI4A” between ONERA and DLR covers all aspects of artificial intelligence applied to aerospace.